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Sikelela has been selling coffee and experiences for many years now. But it wasn’t until recently that he decided to open his own roastery in the heart of Khayelitsha. The space he uses to roast coffee in his home garage was quickly proved inadequate, as production and customer service space is always at a premium.

Siki’s Koffee Kafe is a cozy place to be on a cold winter morning. With its wooden esthetics, exposed brick walls, and the characteristics of yellow painting and lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, it’s a welcome respite from the main road with its daily hustle and bustle. With a constantly growing demand for Sikis coffee, Sikelela is thrilled to finally be able to say he is now running his own roastery. And so should YOU be!

One thing I have noted ever since the roastery was opened is that the roastery will allow Sikelela to increase production and scale his business. He will also be able to offer customers a wide variety of coffee and products in the Kafe. People will be able to buy freshly roasted and ground coffee or even choose from a wide range of specialty blends and specialty coffees.

If you are in and around Khayelitsha, you need to come and taste one of the blends that are roasted in the dusty streets of Khayelitsha by Sikelela Dibela. You can also visit his new website and place your orders as he has listed some of his coffee blends and merchandise.


A roastery is a facility where coffee beans are roasted. Roasting destroys the volatile oils and other compounds that give coffee its flavor. This allows coffee beans to become stale very quickly after the beans have been roasted.

Sikelela Dibela

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