King Mdonqo is set To Drop His New Single ‘Isikhalo’

The latest single from Bongile Paleni’s self-titled album will be released in August 2022 on all digital platforms. The title of the new single is called Isikhalo(cry) is exactly that, a cry for help that men of South Africa will have to take a step back from GBV (Gender Based Violence). The song narrates an incident of domestic abuse, with people walking by and doing nothing as if these attacks and acts of GBV never took place.

Isikhalo is a song that is solely written and dedicated to every woman who has lost their lives due to GBV and other contributing factors.  The song is arranged and produced by Moieli who is better known for his kick-ass beats and arrangements, you can tell by just listening to the guitar sound at the beginning of the song, it invites and commands you to pay attention to the catchy chorus, which is accompanied by King Mdonqo’s deep and energetic voice. 

 While listening to the song. i could pick up different types of musical genres, and one can tell that an influence of Afro Pop, Kwaito and Hip Hop and the Jazzy yet catchy type beat, this is truly a beautiful dedication to a very sensitive subject matter, Mzansi is blessed to have songwriters like King Mdonqo.

For more detail on the release of the actual single, please follow King on Facebook on @King Mdonqo WP

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